Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Time to have a little fun! Blogger style!

Rules: Every blogger who posts here will get a sample pack with 6 samples, but you must not have blogged about Victorian Disco in the past, it has to be a new post with a look involved to see the colors in "action" so to speak.
This offer will run from 10/15 to 10/31 - After that it will be gone forever.
You cannot make duplicate entries.
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Model Rules: Model rules are a bit different, models will be chosen based on myself and Jennifer's views, and model entries will be allowed until further notice instead of a deadline. A model will be able to choose 10 samples every month to try, and will get a special discount when they choose to purchase larger sizes, but models will be expected to make a look every week, I expect 4-5 looks a month, basically.

Here is the second form for models!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Some updates about collections, and shadows that will be coming out soon:

Galaxy Collection -
Will be adding about 3-5 new shadows to this collection by mid-May.

Rococo Collection -
Will be adding another 3-5 matte color shadows to this collection by late May.

Sailor Scouts Collection -
I will be expanding this collection, also possibly adding a counter collection based off of villains from the series. This will probably be around early to mid June.

Brains 4 Beauty -
No updates as of right now.

House Points -
People have been BEGGING me to expand this collection, so it might be happening sometime around June-Julyish.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Collection -
This will be coming out May 4th :)

The Azeroth Collection -
This will be coming out April 20th :)

The Sindarin Collection -
No updates, probably won't be any either until next Spring ^_^

Care Package Glitters -
New glitters are in the works, and some samples have been sent to me. I'm just finally getting around to messing with them.

The Crystalline Affections Collection -
I am currently working on new shadows for this collection, just trying to get more into the characters so I can portray them correctly. I cannot give an exact time as to when I will have these out. Hopefully by July though.

Blush Collection -
Coming out with the WoW collection

Lip Stuff -
Coming out mid May

Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Website Opening Giveaway!

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reformulations and Changes to Shadows

Currently, I have noticed a few shadows have been giving some people a hard time, so I have decided instead of constantly tweaking a shadow as I have been to a few, I will instead do a complete overhaul on some shadows, some will also be changed completely because they are too similar to other shadows and cause some confusion. So here are some of the shadows:

Ewok Pajama Party! - has already been completely overhauled and reformulated, new photos should be up soon.
Millennium Falcon - has also already been completely overhauled, new photos should be up soon.
Do the Jabba Jabba! - this shadow will be completely overdone and will become a completely new color, it's too similar to Sailor Uranus.
Droids - Will be tweaked and reformulated to be more pigmented and less sheer.
Revolutionary Ball - Will be tweaked and reformulated to be more pigmented and darker.
Sailor Mars - Will be tweaked and made to be less pink and more rustic red as only Rei would want!
Death Star - Will be completely overhauled and the color will be changed.
Symmetrical Garden - Too similar to Sailor Pluto

UPDATE AS OF 3/16/2012:

Some shadows will be changed because of a discontinuation of a ingredient I use from a wholesaler I buy from, they will only be changed slightly, being a bit more green in hue and less blue, here is the list of colors:

The Force, Use It
Sailor Neptune
Yoda's Yoga Mat
Leia's Bikini (probably won't make a difference at all)

UPDATE AS OF 3/21/2012:

Some shadows I have noticed have been kind of off on some names, so I am changing some of the names and possibly switching one or two shadows to fit the names better! None of the formulations will be changing unless otherwise stated, but they do need some changes as some chats I have had kind of make me want to move them around a bit.

Lightsaber - While I love the color.. it badly need to be reformulated, it's sheer and never works as well as I would like it to. The name is also going to be the name for Emperor - so it is being switched and Emperor is being redone. The actual color that Lightsaber is now is going to be named something else.

The Fett - This shadow is being completely reformulated and it will be a completely NEW color, I love the color, but it's actually never screamed FETT to me, it was more of a quick decision when I was starting the company and I don't like it. The new Fett will be greenish orange with copper sparkles, more like Boba Fett's actual outfit. The Fett will be named something else but it WILL stay in the collection since it's very popular :)

It's a Trap - Being changed, again this was a quick decision name and I've never been happy with it and my Star Wars friends bug me about it everyday! I will be reformulating this completely and the green shadow will be named something else.

It's a Trap > Forest Moon
The Fett > Clones
Lightsaber > Outer Rim
Emperor > Lightsaber

Thanks for putting up with me through these changes, as I have stated before, I am such a new company, and sometimes it takes a bit for me to get everything situated, especially with how successful I have been!

That is all for now! These changes will be happened within the next two weeks, and I will be posting swatches up on the Facebook page!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring (Sindarin) Collection Giveaway!

As usual with each coming collection, I am doing a small giveaway to a lucky winner :D I'm thinking I will make this more of a monthly-ish thing, since I do enjoy doing it very much! You can enter as many times as you like, and I will be posting the winner right before I put the collection up for sale on the 20th of March! Plenty of time for your springly celebrations and Easter tidings (if you celebrate it!) <3

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Promoters and Models! Apply here!

Hellooooooo ladies, and gents!

It's about that time that Victorian Disco starts to work towards finding promoters and models for upcoming collections and current collections of our eyeshadows. Please read what I have to say below if you are interested!


1. I don't ask that you have a set amount of subscribers or followers on your blog, but it does help. I prefer you have a lot of movement on your blog, comments and feedback rather than followers.

2. You should have a blog, or a YouTube channel, or both!

3. You will receive a certain amount of product from a new collection to try out, and do tutorials/looks with on your blog or YouTube channel. These products will be free, and you will be able to pick some out, as well as me just giving a few extras for you to try and work with. Even if they are not your favorite colors, they deserve love as well!

4. This is me most likely being picky, but I'd prefer you know item's names and product information. Such as "Victorian Disco is a vegan eyeshadow company that gears towards more geeky/nerdy names and references for their products for inspiration!"

5. I do not ask that you constantly clog up your Twitter feed or Facebook pages or anything of that sort as a promoter, I'd prefer the products speak for themselves rather than huge amounts of spam :)

6. There is no contract for this, which means you don't have to digitally sign anything. But I would prefer when you receive the products to give some sort of review in a timely manner, doesn't have to be the same week, but within two weeks I would hope you would do so :) I understand people are busy and have lives outside of the internet. This also means mutual respect please, I really dislike people who steal, I am normally very good at picking up on people's behaviors, but sometimes a few slip through the cracks.

7. Have some slight knowledge of video games, geeky references would be awesome, but not necessary!

8. Help promote any and all giveaways if possible :)

I will obviously be sending out rules and such to people. And please, if you are interested, check out our Etsy page to see if you would even be interested in the products before signing up to try out. International girls are also encouraged to apply!! This is not just for the USA! :D

In order to apply please send a link to your Youtube account/Blog address to victoriandiscocosmetics@gmail.com. Please also include a little paragraph about yourself, what you do, what you want to do, what's your favorite brands, how experienced you are with loose eyeshadows and vegan products, etc!

Thank you all so much! I look forward to hearing from you!

Alright ladies, it's time again for the giveaway :)

This giveaway is MUCH larger than the last one. A lot more prizes, and a bigger prizes! Also, the first prize winner will be getting to try out some extra products I have not released information about yet! Sneakysneaky.

Good luck everyone! This contest will run until the 20th of February, and you may enter in a certain way everyday!

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