Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Some updates about collections, and shadows that will be coming out soon:

Galaxy Collection -
Will be adding about 3-5 new shadows to this collection by mid-May.

Rococo Collection -
Will be adding another 3-5 matte color shadows to this collection by late May.

Sailor Scouts Collection -
I will be expanding this collection, also possibly adding a counter collection based off of villains from the series. This will probably be around early to mid June.

Brains 4 Beauty -
No updates as of right now.

House Points -
People have been BEGGING me to expand this collection, so it might be happening sometime around June-Julyish.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. Collection -
This will be coming out May 4th :)

The Azeroth Collection -
This will be coming out April 20th :)

The Sindarin Collection -
No updates, probably won't be any either until next Spring ^_^

Care Package Glitters -
New glitters are in the works, and some samples have been sent to me. I'm just finally getting around to messing with them.

The Crystalline Affections Collection -
I am currently working on new shadows for this collection, just trying to get more into the characters so I can portray them correctly. I cannot give an exact time as to when I will have these out. Hopefully by July though.

Blush Collection -
Coming out with the WoW collection

Lip Stuff -
Coming out mid May


  1. I LOVE ALLL of your products, especially your glitters! They're a lot like other glitters I've tried, but at a wayyyyyyy better price! Just curious, would you ever consider making them with chunkier glitter pieces? I LOVE chunky glitter!

  2. I love your blog, it's gorgeous!! :)

    happy summer to you! :)