Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Promoters and Models! Apply here!

Hellooooooo ladies, and gents!

It's about that time that Victorian Disco starts to work towards finding promoters and models for upcoming collections and current collections of our eyeshadows. Please read what I have to say below if you are interested!


1. I don't ask that you have a set amount of subscribers or followers on your blog, but it does help. I prefer you have a lot of movement on your blog, comments and feedback rather than followers.

2. You should have a blog, or a YouTube channel, or both!

3. You will receive a certain amount of product from a new collection to try out, and do tutorials/looks with on your blog or YouTube channel. These products will be free, and you will be able to pick some out, as well as me just giving a few extras for you to try and work with. Even if they are not your favorite colors, they deserve love as well!

4. This is me most likely being picky, but I'd prefer you know item's names and product information. Such as "Victorian Disco is a vegan eyeshadow company that gears towards more geeky/nerdy names and references for their products for inspiration!"

5. I do not ask that you constantly clog up your Twitter feed or Facebook pages or anything of that sort as a promoter, I'd prefer the products speak for themselves rather than huge amounts of spam :)

6. There is no contract for this, which means you don't have to digitally sign anything. But I would prefer when you receive the products to give some sort of review in a timely manner, doesn't have to be the same week, but within two weeks I would hope you would do so :) I understand people are busy and have lives outside of the internet. This also means mutual respect please, I really dislike people who steal, I am normally very good at picking up on people's behaviors, but sometimes a few slip through the cracks.

7. Have some slight knowledge of video games, geeky references would be awesome, but not necessary!

8. Help promote any and all giveaways if possible :)

I will obviously be sending out rules and such to people. And please, if you are interested, check out our Etsy page to see if you would even be interested in the products before signing up to try out. International girls are also encouraged to apply!! This is not just for the USA! :D

In order to apply please send a link to your Youtube account/Blog address to victoriandiscocosmetics@gmail.com. Please also include a little paragraph about yourself, what you do, what you want to do, what's your favorite brands, how experienced you are with loose eyeshadows and vegan products, etc!

Thank you all so much! I look forward to hearing from you!

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